About me

Hello there, I am Felix H. Nguyen.

Wanderlust – The huge pile of this blog contains my travel experiences that I have the opportunity to explore. You can find them at the dedicated main tabs “Asia”, “Europe”, “Oceania”. And I will try to add more tabs (“America”, “Africa”) to the menu 🙂

Research is a pinch of curiosity, silent “praying” and staring into blank space. That sums up my full-time job. Just kidding.  – Me

As a researcher with Business school  at the National University of Singapore, I am motivated by the quest for new knowledge, the process of discovery and the company of my “mafia gang” (student interns/ assistants). My research interests include social enterprises, organisational studies and corporate governance an you can find them at  sub-tab “research work”.

As a Psychology graduate, I write books and create educational videos in bilingual (English and Vietnamese). These aim to help Vietnamese students and avid readers understand Psychology better in a more interesting ways such as illustration, flashcard and whiteboard animation. You can find information on my published books at sub-tab of the same name.

Other than that, I do love to write so I often scramble words to make some poems or small writing pieces whenever inspiration hits me (sub-tab “shorthand”). I enjoy painting, badminton and dragon-boat (even though I have a fear of water) in my free time.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog.