France (Part 3 – Paris, The burstling neighbourhood) – Dec ’16

We started our day by exploring Paris’ Latin Quarter. This neighbourhood is intellectual, arty and has been the heart of Parisian café culture since the 1920’s. It’s nice to simply wander around this area and casually visit some open-air markets and cafes.

Some notable sights in the Latin Quarter are La Sorbonne (France’s most famous university) and the Panthéon.

We home stayed with a friend in a suburb area. Every morning, we had our breakfast at the neighbourhood bakery. The freshly baked bread was something to die for.

Amorino is a highly recommended dessert place for waffle/ crepe with ice cream. Created in 2002 by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, Amorino was born in the heart of Paris on Ile St Louis. Its waffles and ice-cream (we had pistachio, berries and dark chocolate) was heavenly delicious.



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