France (Part 1 – Paris, Magical day at Disneyland) – Dec’16

Day 1 – Let the magic begin

The very first day in Paris started with Disneyland. From city center (line A RER), we took the direct railway to Chessy station which brought us directly to the infamous theme park.

The park is really very detailed, each and everything matches the fairytale concept and even though it has 10 of thousands visitors per day, the Park is absolutely clean and neat. It is absolutely mind-blowing not only to the kiddos but also the “kid-at-heart” like us. We grabbed the show schedule and map to plan out our visit which we scheduled to be 9am to 9pm.

Disneyland Park

There was just too much stuff we could do at Disneyland Park itself. Lucky for us the weather was super cooperative and the crowd was manageable. We planned our route at the start and wandered around the park to cover as much as we could. We were able to catch the parade featuring all Disney princesses with the infamous Frozen movie. As it was during Christmas period, there was the closing ceremony and Christmas Carol by Mickey and Minnie at the very end too.


  • Camera and phones at full battery!
  • We prepacked our lunches and drinks. During lunch time, all restaurants were super packed and it was a little pricey here as well.
  • Went to the washroom whenever we saw one because we did not want to waste time finding it later.

Walt Disney studio

Space mountain ride was awesome and surprisingly we did not have to queue for too long. Liveshow Mickey and the Magician was a breath-taking show illuminating Animagique Theater. The show brought childhood memories to life by stunning scenery and special effects, this all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza is what real magic is made of. We were totally immersed in the 30-minute-performance.

We visited Production Courtyard to take the Tram tour and explore past movie sets and props. Highlights of the ride was the stops at Catastrophe Canyon where the earthquake scene was made from and Reign of Fire set where huge explosion took place. The sound and visual effects were incredible.



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