Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam (Nov ’16)

My bestie and I decided to go for a “housewife adventure” kinda trip, leaving our husbands at home. In the occasion of my book launch, we came to HCMC for a brief period of three days to hold the event. It was awesome to have time for local dishes and to meet new friends.

Day 1

Since it was not a business trip, I downgraded from five-star hotel to backpacker hostel lol. I had a morning like a local, banh mi and Vietnamese iced tea (“tra da”) for less than $2. Along Pham Ngu Lao, Bui Vien and De Tham streets, you can find numerous “banh mi” vendors which is a must-have when you are in Vietnam.

Rest of the day I spend at Highland coffee for meetings and had my favorite greentea freeze.


Day 2

The locals rise early. At about 8am in the morning, I hardly find any vendors selling breakfast. Hu tieu (or Hu tiu) originally comes from kuy teav, and in its simplest and purest form, is a soup, normally made with pork bones, and served with a variety of different types of noodles. Nam Vang is the Vietnamese word for Phnom Penh, the largest and capital city of Cambodia. Together Hu Tieu Nam Vang translates to Phnom Penh Chinese noodle soup, a dish that has roots in both Cambodian and Chinese flavors, yet it’s incredibly popular in southern Vietnam. For 25k VND, I had this sumptuous bowl of Hu tiu with Tra da (Vietnamese iced tea).


*Book-launch event*

We met our friends in HCMC for dinner. And before that we hunted “Phuc Long tea” to try their infamous peach tea.

5Ku beer & BBQ at 27 Le Thanh Ton is the best place for group. The restaurant opens from 4pm to 4am, serves a variety of choices which will satisfy even the pickiest stomach.


Day 3

Calling it Day 3 but actually it was the last day after the entire trip to Mui Ne and Dalat. I came back to HCMC as my flight would go from here. So I spent my lone time strolling the streets and re-visiting places like the Post Office, Notre-Dame cathedral, Ben Thanh market etc.


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