Manila, Philippines (Apr ’16)

I had a short business trip to Manila and the lovely weekend spent with my Filipino friends.

Day 1

Checked-in to New World Makati with an upgrade to Deluxe suite (paronamic city view) and Business lounge was the best way to start the trip. Very delighted with the service provided by the hotel.

View from hotel room

Went for a few laps at the pool and called it a day.

Day 2 & 3

*Business meeting*

Day 4

Home-stayed at my Filipino friends and explored the city center of Manila, tried out local delights and had a great time at their weekend carnival.

First up was the must-try Jollibee, the biggest fast-food chain in Philippines.


The weekend carnival was indeed awesome with a variety of booths, ranging from foods and beverages, massage, game to local handicrafts. Lots and lots of families and couples came to enjoy the cozy atmosphere and performances by local artists. It happens every weekend and has become the signature of Filipino’s lifestyle.

Day 5

Thanks to the hospitality of my Filipino friends, I even had the chance to try Max’s chicken at the Manila airport. They had a delicious banana ketchup which is only available in their restaurant.


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