Psychology Express 1 – Introduction to Psychology (Feb ’16)

About the book series

I started EzPsychology by chance but how far we have gone to is indeed by choice. As a Psychology graduate who received English education, I find it hard to find reference books and articles in Vietnamese. It is even harder to mix and match the translated terminology from English into Vietnamese and vice versa. I thought to myself: “Why not doing crash course videos in bilingual?” I shared the idea to my friend and she was so agreeable to do it together. And it started, just like that.

At first we made whiteboard animation and uploaded them onto YouTube. Slowly, 20 other passionate young individuals joined us in different aspects of the process, namely, content development, illustration and voice-over. Not wanting to waste the scripts written for videos, I decided to compile them, add more content and design a book. Heavenly lucky, an editor from Trithuctrebooks was interested in our mini book and she invited us for a publishing collaboration.

“Psychology Express”, as the name suggests, is a book series aiming to bring Psychology closer to everyone in a comprehensive and more interesting way. The series consists of five books ranging from introductory to in-depth branch of Psychology which includes Social psychology, Cognitive psychology, Abnormal psychology and Developmental psychology. Each book comes with expressive illustrations, concise infographics or mind maps. Furthermore, accompanying each book is a set of flashcards to aid memory process.

Book 1 – Introduction to Psychology

The first book, Introduction to Psychology, was published in February 2016 and it has received an overwhelming response from readers.

book 1 mock-up with FC.png

Book launch event

As part of the marketing campaign, we decided to hold a mini book launch event in Hanoi in March 2016. We received an over-subscribed registration which made us extremely grateful. We then selected 40 people through a short survey to join us in the event.

It was a cozy morning at Ohi café where Hoa and I had a chance to share with readers of Psychology Express how the journey started and how the ride has been for us.


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