Concluding statement

2015 was indeed a roller coaster ride. Hardly I had a proper break, however, everything turned out amazingly well.

  • Career: Left the Bank (UOB), joined academia (NUS, Research)
  • House: bought one. Yes, bought!
  • Start-up: formally registered VedicLink as a PTE. LTD.
  • Psychology Books: signed Publishing contract, acquired Printing license with Vietnam National University (VNU) Press
  • Travel: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China
  • Sport: joined Dragon boat, won 3 medals (1 as paddler, 2 as drummer)
  • Friendship: close friends left Singapore for good, lesser party (none in fact); and the best is still the best (my Co-founder with EzPsy too)
  • Family: CNY with family after 6 years, summer holiday trip together, the unconditional love needs not mentioned

2016, I do not usually set resolutions. I look forward to things await, planned stuffs and unpredictable stuffs too. Planned stuffs:

  • BKK, Thailand in Jan
  • Start Master degree in Feb
  • Wedding ceremony in Hanoi in Mar
  • Honeymoon to Europe for 1 month end of the year

Other than that, may the Force be with me!


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