Shanghai, China (Dragon boat festival), Sep ’15

Day 1 – Arrival

After my adventure through Nanjing-Suzhou and Hangzhou, I took a train to Shanghai to meet my dragon boat teammates. This was the main reason for me to be in China – Dragon boat Festival. They flew in from different airlines, flights but we managed to be at Pudong airport by 7am for the Organizer transportation.

Kiyah Splash Singapore

It took 2 hours from Pudong airport to the Hotel (which was opposite Zhu Jia Jiao water town). And the bus ride was not pleasant at all due to the heavy traffic jam and pumping roads.

The hotel was decent and clean. Cheryl was my roomie for this Shanghai trip. We settled in the hotel and went across to the town for lunch.Smelly tofu was actually very delicious, if you just ignore its smell :P.

For Day 1, there was no agenda, it was basically for all the teams to come and settle in.


Day 2 – Training

It was the only training day we had in order to get use to the water, the surrounding and warm up before the big day.

First set of 500m – I drummed

We only had the morning for a quick training. So with much time allowed, we decided to go to Qing Pu town which was an hour drive from the hotel for team bonding and some grocery shopping.

The day ended nicely. Cheryl and I had some bedtime story and we found out the same lame sh*t we had (scared of ghost). Hence, we both slept covering fully by blankets.

Day 3 – Race day

I paddled for 2 sets of 500m  and drummed for 3000m. It was an amazing experience to compete with national teams from Taiwan, Philippines, etc… and also China mainland team themselves. As a team we did pretty well and we made our name visible 🙂

Cheryl, Glenda, Xing Jie and myself enjoyed jump shots and we literraly spent an hour jumping around the Water town (a form of warm-up I supposed).

4 happy clowns

We also met a lot of tourists who came to explore the Town and got attracted by the Dragon boat festival. So they went to watch and support the teams. The picture on the left was a Singaporean family and they spotted us by our Jersey (Dragon boat Singapore) so they asked for a photo with us.

Right after the race, there was Celebration night whereby all the teams were invited to a Grand dinner and Closing ceremony. It was so much fun.

We ended with a team Karaoke session nearby. Everyone really sang their hearts out and we had great fun. So much memories and photographs.

Crazy Karaoke session


Day 4 – Main town

We bid farewell to the Organizers and took their transport to the main Shanghai city. I stayed back for a few more days, as well as Cheryl, Jon and a few others. But a few needed to fly back in the early evening. So we tried to bring them around some famous places in Shanghai to mark their trip.

A team lunch in a typical Chinese restaurant was a must!

After the few teammates left to airport, we parted ways to settle in our respective hotels. And we met again for dinner at Hai Di Lao after some rest, a renown buffet chain which has its outlet in Singapore (overpriced and always crowded).

We headed to a famous Pub/ Club area in Shanghai. And I had to admit their Club was so cool with awesome performances and Bartenders who demonstrated and explained the drinks to you in details. I had Mojito (non-alcoholic lol).



Day 5

A few recommended places would be the Financial Center, Underground market. I also found myself a Complete collection of Shakespeare (1975 edition) for SGD30!

Must try in Shanghai – Sesame McD ice-cream

Concluding statement

It was my first time travelling overseas for team sport. I had so much fun with them, so much memories were created. If you ask me if I regret joining this sport, my answer is, Yes, I regret that I did not know about it earlier!

Thank you all for the great Shanghai trip.

Singapore spirit in Shanghai

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