The report focused on the GTI trends and highlighted the outstanding progress and hindrance of Singapore-listed companies (SGX Mainboard and Catalyst) from their yearly GTI performance. This year, the GTI 2015 covered 639 activelytrading companies which released their 2014 annual reports by 31st May 2015. The report also included data and analysis obtained from the CGIO’s GTI database of 2009 – 2015.

GTI 2015 is the first time that the whole index captures the impact of the revised Code of 2012 to all Singapore-listed companies. This year’s findings showed that the majority of companies have made laudable efforts to embrace the Code. Further analysis showed that the most tangible improvements in line with the revised Code were in remuneration, accountability and audit, and transparency and investor relations matters.

Full disclosure of our GTI methodology is presented in the appendix of the report. It is hoped that the Corporate Governance Highlights 2015 will bring the readers valuable insights into the transforming landscape of Singapore corporate governance and useful updates on the strengths and weaknesses in the current governance practices of Singapore-listed companies.

Click here for the full report.


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