House of Heart

There comes a master room, someone important is staying there. That specific one definitely means the world to you and that is why you are giving him or her the biggest space, most convenient room of your house. When this person leaves, it hurts. But if you truly care or love them, you will learn to feel happy, unconditionally, when they are happy even if them going leaves you a littleĀ lonelier. Above all, no one is gonna stay forever throughout your journey. In the absence of light, your shadow leaves you too. And I slowly have learnt to rely on someone or something too much, not to be over thought-dependent because end of the day, it is my life and no one is gonna live it for me.

There comes a few common rooms and houses the selected few that you are close with. Men have gone through evolution and a harsh selecting process since Day Zero of human race. Only those strong survivals stay and that theory applies now too. You might be an extrovert or vice versa, an introvert but there is always a certain few that you would consider your soul-mates. Talking about soul-mates, I have come to realized there are three types of people in your life, the life-partner (be husband or wife), the F-partner (well, each of us has a different idea of who that person is) and the soul-mate (soul-partner). And I say, the F-partner is a handful because physical thing is easy to satisfy but also fragile. To become someone’s life-partner, it can be learnt through training and life experience, so that L-partner is a little more rare. However, soul-mate or the ability to connect minds is something gifted, a given asset to certain people. That S-partner is a scarce resource. In one person, it is great enough that you could find the L, F, S elements here and there.

There comes the kitchen, where creativity and passion go wild. You have a pool of good friends, companions, acquaintances who would share certain values and moments with you. This is your playground. And people come and go, what left is memory.

There comes the bathroom, the reflection of self. To me, bathroom is the most important space in the house. You strip down, let water run over you and free your mind there. You see your true-self there in the most naked way from the extreme naked eyes. We all need a little time alone to enjoy our sole company, the inner peace. The fighter, the warrior also needs to rest sometimes and back to their comfort zone.

There comes corners and corners in the house, the dark ones. Something unfold, untold, untouched. We all have a little secret in that little dark corner, a Pandora box. The important thing is we control it and not to let it control us.

I see my heart so. And it is a completed piece as it seems. Life is precious. We are all given that equal chance and we shall make it worth-wide.

My Painting - a Seafront House
My Painting – a Seafront House

Posted on 18th November 2013


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