– What was the worst moment of your life?
– 20 years ago, I witnessed a good friend of mine died in front of me, when I was literally a couple of meters away. It would by far be the worst thing I have ever seen, heard or experienced.
– What happened?
– It was a gas explosion of a faulty compressed gas tank, terrifying. And he was waiting for me to go out and play soccer.
As time goes by, it doesn’t hurt that much but the scar is still there. Whenever I blink back, bad memory flashes and I just shock myself out of unconsciousness. But it is something that keeps me balance. When life gets hard, I know for sure the moment can never be any worse than that, so I move on, calmly. I strike myself with a promise to me, to my friend, never wait a second, it could change everything. A shattered dream of a young boy, a livelihood of man, I keep it with me, forever.

P.S: This is my story, a story which has been hidden inside me for almost 20 years now. And I wish to do one thing, to help a dream come true, a dream not of my own.

Posted on 12th September 2013


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