The train

I hop on a train, and ride.

The very first few passengers I met, I ever thought they would travel the journey with me forever. Until one day, I realized, they will leave when their time is up, because they have a journey of their own to finish. They guided me where to put my luggage, how to adjust the light, the air-conditioning, where the washroom locates, how to get a blanket if I get cold at night, basically all the necessary things to survive during my train ride. They are, my parents.

As I moved on to the next train section to look for new passengers, I met boys and girls, whom then became those very important people of my journey. We played along, we laughed out loud, we joked and we had our heaven on earth. Those are siblings, relatives and good friends. They travel with me for a while.

Sometimes, I met passengers whom I called acquaintances, people whom I merely know. Perhaps I only know their existence on the train but yet to have a purposeful conversation. It doesn’t matter, one day in the journey, we might collide, depends on fate.

The train moves forward.

Sometimes , people board the train just treat it as a jaunty tour. They merrily come along. Sometimes, people leave the train without even a slight look back and they rush for other things. They have might taken ticket to the wrong stop and traveled the wrong path all along. They left so quickly that I don’t even remember if they have crossed my path. Sometimes, someone imprinted an ever lasting impression as they left. They took nothing but pictures, left nothing but footprints inside my heart.

Along with the train ride, I encounter all sort of emotions. I feel sad, happy, I have my head held high and at times I broke down and cry. People come and go, no passenger would travel with me until my destination. Or perhaps I have no final destination in my own mind. I board the train without knowing where my last stop is, without knowing where my companions’ last stop is but knowingly they will eventually get off, even the one sits next to me.

Sometimes, people whom I love, would choose to sit in another train section instead. I try so hard to find the seat around them but fail to know, that seat is already taken by someone else. Trying so hard to get one’s heart is a crazy thing to do. I know they are there in that train section, I would take a look out to. That’s enough, for me.

Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s journey will have much of hopes, dreams, challenges but sometimes frustration, setback and goodbyes. But one thing in common, it shall be filled with joy and happiness in the end. And no matter what, we should make the train ride be the most pleasant and memorable journey as we could.

And I am now, on a train.

Posted on 4th September 2013


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