Give vs Get

Had a chat last night with a respectful man, a good friend of mine and he enlightened me, in one way or another. I truly believe, life is about interaction, that’s how we make sense out of life. When idea collides, or perhaps two alike minds find their intersection point, beautiful thing happens.

1. Theory of Get and Give
What we are trying so hard everyday is for the living. Yes, the living. Some times it sounds so deadly though. The living without a lively soul, perhaps. Arthur Ashe once said, “From what we get, we make the living; what we give, however, makes a life.” But we are too busy in fact to think of Giving, I suppose. I have been brainstorming too hard on how many people I could help, what scale of a social enterprise is good enough for the greater impact. But one thing, I seem to forget… A big frame is also started out from a single match. And literally, thinking too much about everything, trying to help everyone but not starting something to help someone, in the end I do nothing and help no one.
So, start something, help someone, from today.
“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” ~ Albert Einstein

2. Profit versus Impact
And again, more “We” (a group of individuals, a company, an enterprise), there is more than just “Get” or “Give”, it is about Revenue versus Social Responsibility, Profit versus Impact. The word “Impact” stands alone is already so powerful.
I believe, everything happens for a reason. The confusion of goals and the perfection of means are two big problems that we are facing, I presume. Company, likewise, starts with one single goal which is to make profit, of course (well, I would say in one way or another, monetary or non-monetary). That point is out for debate. You can make lots of money but with no impact, it is nothing. Ultimately, you are not judged by how much money you carry, how many degree certificates you acquire, how many BMWs you drive (perhaps they do but it is not permanent). We will be judged by two things: our Patience when we have nothing and out Attitude when we have everything.
Indeed, life is theater stage.

3. Unknown versus Known
What exactly drives me? I realised, if I were to do things which i can plan well how to do it, when to do it, how it ends and so on, I have no motivation. I might finish it but along the way, things would get faded away and do would become just for the sake of doing. That is the Known. Perhaps if things get too visual, too clear, we will lose out interest easily. Because we want to chase the Unknown better. Because it is when Self-actualization comes to play, the top of Hierarchy of Needs. “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done” – Thomas Jefferson.

We all get old, sickness and eventually die. What we have left behind is commonly just the Grave with our names on it.
Make a different, make a change, a movement, make legacy. Till the world ends, you leave it with nothing undone.

Posted on 22nd July 2013


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