Story of my neighbour

Last night, I had a long chat with my neighbour, a former taxi driver, who is currently fighting his self from head stroke and Post Traumatic Disorder, which left from an accident months ago. His experienced and inspiring life story got me thinking..

1. Newspaper often shows stories about taxi drivers who earn several K monthly, from zero to hero. Agree with me, at that point in time reading the articles, most of is would probably think “Well, I also want to become a taxi driver then. What’s for studying so hard?”. And guess what, nothing in life comes easy. You want it, you work for it or perhaps, you pay for it. Lots of taxi drivers suffer from problems with blood pressure, head stroke, diabetes..and the list goes on. Imagining sitting in an air-conditioning confined car space for at least 20/7, blood circulation is not proper, body muscles get over-tensed, etc.; and what’s more, most taxi drivers are not in their early or mid adulthood per se, other health problems might already exist without them knowing. Despite all that, they work hard in their profession, they “pay” for what they truly want, a better life for their family.

Nothing ever comes easy in life. Do not be jealous with other’ life, because you might never have the chance to walk their paths.

2. He, my neighbour, is fighting his self everyday to get over his traumatic experience. He told me, after the recent screening, he surprised all his docs by taking MRT to TTS hospital himself, by making an incredible recovering of 50%. He pointed to the neighnourhood bus stop, jokingly said “Sayang, perhaps you will see me driving the Bus Feeder soon. I ain’t know anything rather than driving. I can’t depend on my wife or be a burden to my children for the rest of this life, even years could be counted on my finger tips”. Tears wiped off his face a little.

2 months ago, he slammed his door, scolded us for being too noisy at the corridor and even reported to MP. We ever had a visit by our dear Mr MP, asking us to reduce our noise level, which is apparently not true at all. And last night, he apologised to me. The one of 2 months ago was the one standing right in front of my eyes. 2 months back, he had nuts about what he was talking, he kept scolding his wife just because of her footstep, he lived, in hallucination. And amazingly enough, he is recovering with a speed of light. “All pains can be cured with a right mind and a strong heart I want to get out of this condition badly that my mentality could not resist. When people think you can’t, show them you CAN.”

3. Why must life be so difficult? Why must I even born here to suffer? Why must be that? Why can’t be this? Why why why… We probably question too much about the hard time we might all go through in life. We question God for putting us in this tough so-called life. Well, if you are the wrong one, God would never create you. All here for a reason. And God, nowhere nearer than in our Temple of mind.
We are the creators of our own destiny..

Posted on 2nd May 2013


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